For many companies, trust among their customers is vital when it comes to planning a marketing strategy and creating awareness for their products.

And the medieval technique of the ‘word-of-mouth’ doesn’t cut it anymore in the modern age.

As days go by customers are more willing to trust the ‘experiences of others’, and that trust can be very easily achieved through video marketing.

Not only is it a convenient way of advertising your products, but it also helps to establish ‘pure connectivity’ between the manufacturers and consumers alike.

Moreover, in recent years, the popularity of online video content has unimaginably sky-rocketed. A lot of companies have recognized this very fact, and it’s no surprise that video marketing has substantially grown since 2017 to now, and will rise exponentially in 2019 as well.

And as we like to believe that a business must evolve with the times or perish. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the more prevailing video trends of 2018 and how a company can effectively utilize them in the coming year

The Future of Product Marketing will be Video-Based

Online content and product reviews by 2019, will majorly comprise of video marketing (by almost 80 percent) while accessing video content via mobile will nearly double annually.
Here are a few statistical reports over the past few years to back up these claims:

  • Almost 70% of customers have shared a certain company’s videos at least once.
  • Majority of the manufacturers (around 72%) claim that video has improved their sales significantly.
  • A lot of consumers have stated that product videos lead to decisive purchase decisions.
  • Approximately 52% of the customers confirmed that videos helped them out on online purchase.
  • Videos seen on mobile are shared more often (almost by 90 percent).
  • Whereas 10% of the consumers retain information by reading, almost 95% of them retain it through visual media like video.
  • A large portion of the consumers visit the company’s website and some even ring up the vendors after viewing a video.
  • Utilizing video content can boost a company’s web search traffic by almost 41%, which is significantly higher compared to others who don’t use video as a part of their marketing strategy.
  • A lot of market experts agree on the fact that videos are capable of offering the best returns on all investments.

So what are the more prevailing video trends?

There are a lot of upcoming video trends that a lot of companies are employing or looking to employ, to reach their customers better. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Live Streaming the Video.

Live streaming your videos is all about advertising your content or product in a much-unadulterated way. And a lot of the consumer base appreciate this touch of realism, that can, in the long run, help them to make confident purchase decisions.

Creating these live videos are cost-effective and affordable as well. They can be made anywhere at any given point of time, so neither is there a requirement for a significant primary investment or any other forms of unseen expenditure.

These videos can also be put up as a front for the company website and used for promotional purposes to increase product awareness.

2. Video Syncing and mobile phones.

Smartphones have quite literally taken over the modern age. And it’s no wonder that people are gradually surfing the internet more on their phone than on their laptops and computers. So, the design and production of videos are now much different as the viewing screen is different.

Videos are now made to fit the screen dimensions of mobile phones and tablets. Even though you might find a lot of vertical videos in advertisement campaigns, but a majority of the companies have shifted from that to the more in-demand square-shaped video format

3. Videos as a tool for learning and awareness.

The visual medium of videos is being used in a major way by providing online education, primarily through learning apps and other educational courses. The E-learning concept is quite crucial to freeing up the mind and escape from the drudgy experience of being confined in a bricked-in classroom for hours on end.

For companies, incorporating training materials into educational videos for the newer employees can make a bigger impact. That’s because these videos can be made more informative and convincing. Visualizing the material content more clearly can help in better retention.

4. The Videolog or Vlogging.

The art of taking and uploading video blogs may have started as a hobby. But its rather low budget and personalized appeal, has led a lot of companies to think of it as a convenient tool for marketing their content along with spreading awareness about their campaign and products.

A lot of vlogs have the virtual reality technology embedded in itself as well. It makes the video format a lot more appealing to the customers and allows the vloggers to earn more money through the vlogs they put up.

So how can you use video to for your content awareness?

1. The Smartphone and the video trend.

The modern-day smartphones are equipped with the latest in camera and video capture technology. No more are expensive lenses and cameras restricted to the movie industry alone, as almost everyone carries around a smartphone.

And mobile phones are now capable of capturing such amazing images and videos that it makes viewers feel that they are right along with you.

From live streaming to vlogging, the ability to create high-quality videos are just at fingertips reach. Not only will one be able to produce eye-catching budget-friendly videos but very compelling ones as well.

2. Mobile Friendly Videos.

Recent studies indicate that the average person spends at least 45 minutes a day watching videos on their mobile phones. And it has also been speculated that by 2019 the internet will catch up to television as well, concerning viewership and hours watched.

Because of this growing trend of mobile videos, it’s important to keep in mind to make videos which are vertical and more mobile screen friendly.

And this is one marketing trend which is rather easy to follow and implement. When the square format first came out in social media, it felt rather strange and alien, and now it takes up over 78% of the space in the media news sections and notifications.

3. 360-degree videos and VR .

Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know about the rising trend of the 360-degree video format. And how it along with VR and 3D are completely changing the movie and gaming industry.

By providing the viewers with a more 3 dimensional and immersive video experience, the companies are able to channelize product information much more effectively.

And these type of videos are absolutely ideal for the travel and tourism industry. Brochures are quite inconsistent when it comes to helping the customer decide, while a video can provide them with the complete picture and aid in decision making

4. Cost-effective.

Spreading content awareness through a video, cuts down a lot on the marketing costs. As the video can be made anyway and anyhow, you’re not having to make any form or initial investments or having to pay for additional expenditures.

Even if you lack the appropriate amount of creative flair, making a video of your content is rather easy. All you need is a smartphone and a decent editing app , and you are all set. No longer will you cutting expenditure mean cutting down on your content when making a video

5. E-Learning.

Not just for your newer employees and training periods, the E-learning platform can be quite beneficial for your potential clients as well. It is a much more flexible and accessible options for those who have quite a busy lifestyle yet want to learn and acquire new skills on the go.

Videos can convey a lot more than spoken words or written instructions, especially if it’s about a subject that isn’t all that exciting or fun.

E-learning also allows one to learn from the comforts of their own home. And its known that a free-er mind and body significantly helps in the information retention process.

6. Racking up the views and follows.

Videos can help your users and potential clients to understand your content better and spread awareness. It only takes a single, engaged user to help spread your message to a large number of consumers, all across the globe.

The modern day is filled with the competition for click, likes and follows, and video content can help you stay ahead of all competitors. The more your video is shared, the more popular does your content get, so it’s important to make a video that appeals to the customer needs and demands.


There is no doubt that growing video trends of recent times, are becoming a key factor for companies to advertise their products. But no matter how convenient a platform it is, if not utilized right, the benefits it will reap can be quite insignificant indeed.

Hope you enjoyed our user guide today.

Till next time!