App previews, made simple.

A macOS app that simplifies recording and producing marketing videos for your mobile, web and desktop apps

Beautiful app marketing videos in minutes

Are you a product owner who needs a marketing video for pitching your app, indie developer who needs to showcase their latest iOS view animation library, or just a marketing enthusiast? We got you covered.

Make your app videos stand out in the crowd

Record your app preview video

Trailer supports recording video from iOS devices, or your macOS screens. Simply pick the device you want to record from, check the live preview directly from the device, and record your app preview videos seamlessly.

Ready to use templates

Trailer comes with a set of templates for iOS devices. You can live preview how your video output will look by switching through the templates. You are, however, not limited to this set of templates, as Trailer comes with a set of tools for creating and distributing your own templates. Trailer can export to .trailertemplate open file format, which is based on JSON, and is easily editable by programmers or designers.

Make your own templates

Are you creating a video for an Android device? That's great, you can create your own templates, by importing an image mockup of different file formats. Using Trailer's powerful editing tools, you can make your video stand out on any kind of a template. If you're a designer, or an agency you can share your templates with your clients by using .trailertemplate files.

Batch export for social media

Trailer comes with popular social media presets and iTunes Connect, so you don't have to worry about the size of the video. The app will warn you if your video is too long, or too short.


Free features
  • 🎥
    Video recording from iOS and macOS devices
  • 🖥
    Powerful video editor for creating mockup templates
  • 📱
    16 beautiful iOS device templates
  • 🚢
    Batch exporting for popular sites including iTunes Connect, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Licensed features
  • 💦
    Export videos without a watermark
  • 🔥
    New features to come including full timeline with transitions, text support, keyframe animations, custom gradients, layers and more
  • Trailer is free to use for creatives to create templates, and export .trailertemplate files. Support the development of Trailer, and get a license to export videos with no watermark for $50/year per user.